The Planning Service

As an internal service institution, the Planning Service has three distinct functions: 

  • Providing guidance on the reporting of results-based performance;
  • Aggregating results- based performance information; and
  • Producing and disseminating performance-based information.

The Planning Service seeks to carry out these functions with its DOLE clients in a systematic manner by:

  • Managing a web-facility dedicated to provide just-in-time information exchange on results-based performance reporting; and
  • Providing technical assistance to DOLE planning on how to implement results based performance reporting by building institutional capacity for the same.

Thus, we are scaling up our support services to increase the quantity and quality of exchange on results–based performance information across the organization.


The DOLE Planning Exchange

The planning exchange facility, by improving just-in-time information exchanges on results based performance reporting, will allow DOLE Reporting Units to scale up their institutional and operational capacities to exchange solutions with peers and partners in an effective way.

The facility will allow DOLE users to do the following:

  1. Download a Report Form
  2. Submit a Report
  3. See Report Submission Status
  4. Check Planning Advisories
  5. Request Assistance
  6. Field a Question
  7. Calendar an Event
  8. View the Planning Process
  9. Peruse the DOLE Logical Framework
  10. Scan Enabling Issuances
  11. Post News
  12. Link with Peers
  13. Give Feedback
  14. Find Performance Ranking